Q. What time does the back gate open?

A. It officially opens at 3pm, most weekends though, we open the gate between 12 - 1pm. Teams are allowed to enter and setup, but we ask everyone to leave and sign it at 3pm.


Q. What time is the driver's meeting?

A. Driver's meetings are held at 4pm or shortly thereafter.


Q. What does it cost to get in the back gate?


Normal Weekly Show Prices
  Special Show Prices
Member - Pit Crew $37.00   Member - Pit Crew $37.00
Member - Car & Driver $42.00   Member - Car & Driver $42.00
Non Member  - Pit Crew $47.00   Non Member  - Pit Crew $47.00
Non Member - Car & Driver $57.00   Non Member - Car & Driver $57.00













Q. What is the minimum age to get into the pits?

A. You must be at least 16 years of age to enter the pits. Minors (16-18) are required to have a minor's release and waiver form completed prior to entry into the pits. You can find that document in the forms section of the website.


Q. Is alcohol allowed in the pits?

A. Under no circumstances can alcohol be consumed in the pits until ALL racing action is completed for the night. Anyone found consuming alcohol in the pits will be ejected and permanently suspened from the speedway.


Q. Is there camping available?

A. For special shows and under special circumstances, the pits will be availble for overnight stays or storage. All persons must possess a valid pit pass at all times. Otherwise, there is a KOA approximately 1/2 mile from the speedway.