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Written on 07/31/2014 by Rick Faeth
~~PETALUMA, CA – July 26 Hot Petaluma temperatures led to a smooth sealed surface on Five Corners Automotive and Western Auto Body Night at Petaluma Speedway Saturday Night.  Sacramento’s Billy Butler blazed a rapid lap of 12.456 as he collected fast time honors in the Pit Stop USA Winged 360 Division.  Alissa Geving and Zack Lynskey were victorious in the pair of heat races.  Bradley Terrell got the better of Wayne Katen on the initial start of the 25-lap feature.  Lynskey vaulted past Butler and Katen in the first two circuits from his fourth starting positon and set sight on Terrell.  Terrell in his familiar family owned #43 dueled with Lynskey on laps six and seven before Lynskey, working his favored high line, cleared the defending track champion on lap eight.  Sixth starting Geving also got the better of Terrell on lap 11.  On the move was current point leader Herman...

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