C&H Veterans – Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Series Future

C&H Veterans – Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Series Future

Attention C&H Veterans – Hunt Magneto Wingless Series competitors,

Effective immediately Glad Enterprises, Inc. will no longer be able to represent the series as promoters of the tour.

The last two seasons have been memorable and have provided me the opportunity to meet and cultivate productive relationships with many of the drivers, team members, and families. I’ll greatly miss that aspect.

Last week I attended the annual RPM Promoter’s workshop and booked 11 tentative events for the 2019 Hunt Series.

The tentative events are:
Feb 23 – MRP (Toller Memorial)
March 30 – Petaluma (Opening Night)
April 6 – Placerville
June 23 – Calistoga (w/KWS-NARC)
July 7 – Stockton (w/SCCT)
July 20 – Merced
Aug 10 – Placerville
Aug 17 – Petaluma (Soares Classic)
Aug 23 & 24 – Stockton (w/KWS-NARC)
Nov 1 – Stockton (w/360’s)

I must stress that these dates are tentative and will need to be finalized with follow up conversations with the promoters from the specific tracks before releasing as a final schedule.

Last week I also sent the digital files for the series’ technical rules, general rules, payouts, logo files and an invoice template to Roger Gleason at Hunt Magnetos so that continuity of service will be uninterrupted during this transition period.

If you earned in excess of $600 this season Glad Enterprises, Inc. will mail you a 10-99 tax document in January.

Rick Faeth
Glad Enterprises, Inc.
Petaluma Speedway

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